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2002 Sunspo Cup national Chinese chess competition will hold in Ying-dong gymnasium

For popularize and improve Chinese chess sports in Pan-yu, promote development of activities for healthy of the entire people, show the chess skill and elegant appearance of all elite and champions in nationwide, and coordinate working that applied Pan-yu district as the Land of China Chess ,it is approved by the Chess & Cards Sports Management Center of the National Sports Bueau, hosted by the Chinese Chess Association of China and the People's Government of Pan-yu District Guang-zhou City, undertook by Pan-yu Sports Bureau, Guang-zhou Pear-star Group and Pan-yu Sunspo CCTV Equipment Co., Ltd., moreover, the Pan-yu Chess Association provided supports jointly, 2002 years Pear-star-bell Cup Nationwide 16 strong elites contest of Pan-yu District Guang-zhou City and Sunspo Cup Nationwide 11 Champions Exhibition Match are hold in Ying-dong Gymnasium of Pan-yu District Guang-zhou City separately from 21st December to 25th and from 26th December to 27th.
The qualifications to take part in the contest of nationwide Chinese chess 16 strong elites is determined by name list of top 16 chess grand masters or masters were promulgated in the national class of the latter half of 2002 years. Arrange in grade order as following, Yin-chuan Xu, Yu-ting Zhuang and Lu Qin (Guang-dong Province, G.M.), Guo-rong Zhao (G.M.) and Tie-wen Nie (Heilongjiang Province, Master), Rong-hua Hu (G.M.), Chun-lin Wan (G.M.) and Yong-zheng Sun (Shang-hai City, Master), Hong Zhi(Master) and Han-ming Tao (Ji-lin Province, G.M.), Tian-hong Xu (G.M.) and Wang Bin (Jiang-shu Province, Master), You-hua Yu (Iron Horse, G.M.), Yi-hong Zhen (Xia-men City, G.M.), Feng-bo Bu (Da-lian City, G.M.) and Wen-qing Yan (He-bei Province, G.M.).This contest be played is executed the 1999 years of Chinese Chess Contest Rules that approved by China Sports Bureau. Chess tournamment ways are adopted some detailed methods, such as, elimination system of double fail, time limit for slow chess, time limit for fast chess ,time limit for super fast chess etc. Bonus for champion is RMB 50,000 yuan, second place is RMB 20,000 yuan. Other chess players will get the fee due to the arena they entered according to their times of game joined.
Players of exhibition match were composed of 11 the nationwide champions. They are Guan-lin Yang, Rong-hua Hu, Lu Qin, Tian-hong Xu,Yin-chuan Xu, You-hua Yu, Yi-ting Li, Da-hua Liu, Lai-qun Li, Guo-rong Zhao, Han-ming Tao.They proceed two rounds of antagonism contests with south to north and youth to old age. They arranged exhibition match that 11 champions resisted 100 people.The grand masters and masters also came to village and town of Pan-yu district to do the exhibition match called Wheel War with chess fans in the intervals of contest.
These two games are got mony assistance from the Pearl-star group company of Guang-zhou City and Pan-yu Sunspo Computer CCTV Equipment Co., Ltd.

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