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China security and defense enterprise how to develop in international competition

  It has six years old since Sunspo was established in 1996. As one of the biggest scale security enterprise in China Sunspo achieves success in the last few years due to attention and supporting got from government. Today, I'm glad to talk about the topic of China security how to develop in international competition with every experts and leader came from all over the world. For this chance I fell very honored., So please let me to talk about my opinion related with Sunspo development in the last few years. I hope everyone will give me more and more criticisms.
Problems of China security enterprises normally faced:
   1、Middle and high stratum markets are monopolized by Euro-American big brand, below the middle stratum was occupied by the domestic brand.
   2,Phenomenon of the industrial structure assimilates are serious, market competition is ruthlessness, price is confusion.
   3, Quantity of the small scale enterprises is many.
   4, Starting is too late, developing ability is shortage. Feasible strategy that China security enterprise how to develop in international competition .
The first,(1) work well the cost and quantity management
  The markets of all over the world are not occupied by top grade quality brand, there are still many market space belong to lower grade brand. It will let the domestic security enterprise avoid to walk curved road if we awake the comparison advantage between ourselves and oversea enterprises. The enterprise should well grasp the cost and quality management. Prices of labor, domain and natural resources are much more cheaper, we should well use the cost advantage to occupy the security market that below the middle quality brand stratum on the basis of the same function. In top grade quality brand market, we should well use local advantages to strengthen the marketing strength, to develop service network, use the profits or market to exchange the technology, then follow the top and mature products.
  (2)It is should be stressed the function of service, and the service should through the whole activity process of enterprise
  It is should be stressed the functions due to service. Management and sales system of China security devices are adhere to traditional marketing habit from top to down in secquense that from manufacturer, agents, dealer, mounting to user finally. To compare with the abroad CCTV manufacturer, it is very useful for the competition of domestic enterprises to abroad's if domestic enterprises strengthen the service functions at the activities of enterprises on the system of management. The enterprise should emphasize that quantity assurance was one part of the service particularly. Products quantity is a foundation. If the quality is not well controlled during the process of production, consumers will not regard it as important even if maintaining stations were built more and more, service time more and more immediately. The service should be let the consumers felt its value was super than the goods, make use of worth gaining for the consumers. Not only the value chain of the products are promoted, but also the service will be paid more attentions in the vehemence competition.
  3Make the the products became series
  Make the the products became series is a thinking extension of the user. All of the consumers are hope this products will become series if one of the brand was to consumers liking. Choosing like this will bring the consumer a lot of conveniences, moreover it is easy for factory to maintain and training, comparatively speaking, such will also cut down many expenses that no need to spend. Therefore, the product series will be regarded as important by the consumers. And the foreign products are not as good as this point.
The second, occupy the market with brand
  Prevent impetuous. Security products are not like the other kind products that could become a famous brand by advertising in one night time. It should be increased the famous of enterprise and brand by increasing output, technology and service step by step.
The third, to develop in direction that towards industry and economizing, and pursue for large quantities and high efficient.
The fourth,(1) tight stick the requirements of market, import the technique of advanced products in abroad and well cooperating with them, make the second developing in depth.
  A: The market only approves the products that consumer needed. The domestic enterprises had better avoid spearhead of the big enterprises in abroad, open up the other path, look for the space for existing and development. Then let ourselves become more and more stronger gradually within several years by every kind of methods., Finally we can dare to compete the big foreign security enterprises or import the advanced products from oversea, for example, net work camera, high resolution CMOS camera, DVR etc. We do the second time development on their basis, then researched and developed the new products that suitable with the characteristic of China. Substantially, Japan , Europe and U.S.A. got many inspirations from some products we developed, and so let their products more and more suitable with the requirements of China mainland market.
 B: The enterprises that have good conditions also can import the advanced craft from abroad to manufacture the most advanced products in international at current. For example, the newest model monitor OLED.( replace the LCD product). In reality, it is difficult to divide which quality and craft was better between domestic and abroad on the same basis of function. It is slightly better if consider the habits and usage environment of Chinese people. Up to now, the domestic enterprises should make painstaking effort to details of packing, appearance, spray painting etc.
  (2) make the good storing for talents and technique
  The domestic security enterprises should make the good storing for talents and technique if want to exist in international competition. The enterprises that had a good conditions can establish the researching and development center of products. General enterprises can cooperate with the well-known experts of the high school. In the last few years,it is exists a big advantages of technique and talents in the domestic, a lot of key universities are achieved the international advanced level, and wealth of talents. The domestic enterprises completely have the abilities to study and manufacture the products that achieved the international advanced level for themselves under the advantage of local talents and technical. For example products with fingerprint identification technique which one of the identification technique of human body creature characteristics now is expanding strongly. According to domestic techniques, now we complete have the conditions to study and manufacture the pinnacle products with human body creature characteristic identifies techniques, identification for human face. Moreover, it is only a start step that this kind of products were studied at abroad.
    (3) look for the international cooperation
  We Must familiar with and understand to the rule of the international competition, and according to the international customary practice to compete. And, the most important is, the management system, policy and thinking should synchronous with international enterprise gradually.
Sunspo principle of management
  " To develop high-tech products, win glory for the Chinese nationality industry", But this is not said that we were limited in Nationality Emotion to isolate ourselves by our steps, just the opposite, the competition in the future is all-round. To adopt all of the advantages, use the abroad for China, it is not only include products and technique, but also include talents, ideas and information. Such, our purposes that revitalized nationality industry will attain finally.

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