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Sunspo is invited to join the work that formulated system technique standardizes of the national security and defense alarm be organized by the Ministry of Public Security
    On May 28 2002,Mr.Xi-qing Liu, general secretary and vice-director of the Committee of the Ministry of Public Security Alarm System Standard, is accompanied by relevant leaders of the Technology Defense Office of Guang-dong Province Public Security General Office, for the work of alarm technology standard formulating to national video guard against theft, systematically and completely visited my company.
    Secretary Mr. Liu highly applauses our researching and development strength about security products, and invite related technology workers of our company enthusiastically to join the formulating work of the National Security & Defense Alarm System Standard of the Public Security Department after finished the investigation.
    Mr. Liu said, the formulating work was not only can quicken speed of technique develop and industrial course of security trade, but also the standards that had power of independent decisions for ourselves would has a very important meaning to the competition in international market for our country security trade. Sunspo company as the biggest and famous brand enterprise in China Security Association, one of the biggest scale manufacturer in China security trade, it is not only useful for assure the interests for the most users, but also can promote the course to supersede the bad and save the good enterprises, provide definite distinguish sign for the users when they purchasing hereafter, if Sunspo joined the formulating work.
    Moreover Mr. Liu detailed and deeply expounded some problems about the related technicians of Sunspo on the meeting, such as, the video alarm standards how to connect rail with international standard , the gap between domestic and international standard, how to develop the standard works of new products with new technology, this standard how to play role in the strategy of intellectual property, the service content and form for enterprises etc.
    My company general manager Mr. Chen said, we must never be unworthy of trust and support from the National Standardize Committee to Sunspo. The company will organize the relevant experts to submit the technique data to the committee in the most short time.
Do example to practice Three Representatives---- symposium of excellent party member in July 1 in Sunspo
    For promote the implementing of the important thinking of the Three Representatives, on the eve of July 1,the Communist Party was celebrated for its set up for 81 years, all of the excellent party members are held a symposium in company to study the May 31st speech spirits of secretary Jiang Ze-ming.
    On the meeting, all of the party members expressed that we had to carry forward the spirits of make progress with the times, treasure the honor of the party member, retain the characteristics of the party member in the new period and new stage. Implement the requirements of the Three Representatives to the line and policy that be used for carrying out the Party, implement it to every works that leading every workers to promote the development of enterprises, maintenance the stable for the society.
    Everybody are had a deeper comprehension to the Three Representatives after this time of discussion. We are deeply comprehensive that the Three Representatives was a great program to enhance building of the Party, a basic requests for keep the advanced of the Party, become a leader center of the socialism cause.
Leaders of the technology defense office of the Ministry of Public Security are welcome our company
    On May 18, leaders of the technology defense office of the Ministry of Public Security are welcome our company. As one of the famous and the earliest manufacturer of security enterprise in China, Sunspo won many applauses from the leaders on site by powerful researching strength, a large scale production capacity and promote effective after-sales service. They are invite Sunspo to enter their local market one after another or make further efforts to increase the scale of put products into circulation. Mr. Jun-sheng Wang secretary general of China Security Association highly praised the development we got in the last few years, encouraged our general manager Mr. Chen to make un-relaxed efforts and win glories for China nationality security enterprises
Sunspo products sells well all security market.
    Sunspo pursues consistent quality policy that took all workers and staffs to investment in quality system for bases, took quality assurance for guide, took customers satisfied for target, developed the market by first-rate quality. So its products are well sold in security market after entered the summer.
    1.The three big technology functions such as low illuminance, dynamic scope and delivering equipments are the targets that manufacturers pursued. The low illuminance camera of Sunspo can provide an all weather clear image. Usually, illuminance marketed on CCD picture sensor represents the lowest illuminance of this camera. Such as, the black and white cameras are lower than 0.1 Luxes, the color cameras from the 0.5 Luxes to 1 Lux are called low illuminance. On the current market Sunspo low illuminance cameras are not only set the quality requirements on CCD, but also allocated infrared ray sensor, infrared ray filter or infrared ray light outside the camera, so it can be used for monitoring the target even though in the 0 Luxes environment.
    2.The high resolution cameras and monitors of Sunspo are got the large widespread application from the customers. The high horizontal resolution of the cameras is, color is above (or contained) 460 TVLs, black and white is above (or contained) 560 TVLs. Pixel element is,768 494( NTSC) and 752 582( PAL) of the cameras, its key technique is consists in the Digital Signal Processing (DSP) of CCD Sensor. Because the DSP chip is popularization, high resolution has became a basic function to the cameras.
    3.It is different from the traditional ball type cameras, Sunspo fast ball cameras can be used to monitor in all-directions of 360 by its built-in motor. Moreover it has the function of programming and concealing etc. Now it has replaced the traditional cameras controlled by Pan\Tilt.
    It has became the first selection of security products in public places, for example, super market, air port, factory, city traffic, expressway and public places of entertainment. Sunspo fast ball camera became eminent by its merits such as high speed, convenient for installing etc. The direction of the technology development will turn towards subminiature and intelligence. So the technology of digital zoom is a breach.
    4. Along with popularizing and application of intercom system as well as the increasing of the market needs, the intercom system, visual telephone, intercom with alarm etc. of Sunspo products have became the well selection for the customers by its mature technology, systematicness, practical, satisfactory functions etc.

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