Enterprise which be prowed and approved by the country,and
engages in research,design.Manufacture,marketing and service
on CCTV equipment.it was offciallly set up on May 1996. Its
predecessor,xin-da electronic industry.Industry Company,as far
back as 1982 had began to manage domestic appliances. audio-vido
product and security & control product.It was one of the biggest
CCTV equipment factory. the most famous brand in China.
    The registered capital of Sunspo Company is RMB 1.030.000,
total assets is RMB 38.000.000.net assets is RMB 28.000.000.
    Guang-dong panyu Sunspo CCTV Equipment
Co.,is a high science & technology
company area is 50 mu,built-up area is more than 80.000 square
metre.It has 9 workshops.8 management function departments and 4marketing agents be residented in China and
foreign countries.This company has more than 380 staffs.Among of them is more than 70 persons who the
eucation level is higher than junior college education ,occupies 22% of the total staffs.It has 6 staffs
gained the Master degree(containing high-ranking professinoal titles),30 managerial personnels and 82 skilled
workers and sales personnels,so has formed a chain of talented persons to develop.product and market.
    It seeks its enterprise goal continuously by make unremitting efforts since Sunspo company be setup.
and cooperates with the brand-name and high-quality enterprises came from Japan,USA,Korea and Tai-Wan to
develop prodducts,and makes every.effort to achieve and keep the goal which the quality is the stablest.
the performance is the most reliable,the price is the most reasonable and the service is the fastest in
CCTV trades.Up to now,this company had developed and producted more than controller,switch.matrix series,
B/W or color multi-frame image multiplexer.color images handling system.image catching,burglar alarm,
public patrol system,intercom system and the others be relatedd to CCTV various products.Volume of production
each year is more than 1,000,000 units.Recently,this company has producted the new products such as
multi-media,network transmitting and modeling,performance target and durable degree etc.of the products is
on a par with same kind of import products.
    "Fan out from a point (monopoly store) to an area (general agency),combine domestic with foreign" is a
effcetive sales stratey of Sunspo Company that be find out over a long period of time from parctice. Gross
sales per year is increased progressively by the speed 30% since 1998.At the moment Sunspo Company nearly
has 1/3 of its products is sold to abroad.Main customs includes USA,Brazi,Iran,Canada,India,Tan-wan HK and
Macao etc.tens of countries and districts.The foreign exchange-earning of exporting of this company is RMB
28,000,000 in 1999.is more than 1/2 gross sales of this company in those years.
    In 1988,Sunspo Company is officially joined the Public Security Tardes Asspciation of China,is selected
as one member of this souncil in 1999,and is appraised as a brandname and high-quality enterprise. This
company is always consistent with the quality principle,regard all worker and staffs participation as its
basis, quality guarantee as guide.to satisfy the coutoms as its target and to develop market by the first
rate quality.Sunspo Company is marching to the ambitious goal of transnational group corporations by the
guarantee of iso9001 quality system and the spirit to re-energize the national security industry trades.
General Menager: Mr.Chen Weicheng
Telephone: 0086-20-84711169
Fax: 0086-20-84717342

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