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Brief introduction of president Mr Wei-cheng Chen
    Mr. Chen was born in Pan-yu District Guang-dong Province on May 1960.He is a Male, Han nationality with a MBA Master graduated from Zhong-shan University. At first period time, he engaged in selling of home appliances, CCTV equipment as well as mounting service since 1982.1993 he begins to research, develop and manufacture CCTV. Sunspo CCTV Equipment Co., Ltd. was established on 1996.His products are sold in mainland and exported to overseas, after a while became the biggest scale manufacturer in China. His experiences about CCTV research and production have more than 10 years. He did a large of workings to regroup the company structure and improve business range.

1.Built science and technology talents troops for the company. Mr. Chen respects consistently to talents and knowledge. He did a large of workings to regroup the company structure and improve business range. For one thing he brings everyone's positive factor into play, for another hunts doctors and experts. Gradually talents troops becomes more and more strong, makes the most powerful support to get a variety of certificates from the nation and province at last.
2. His management is steady and positive. On the basis of original products he reformed the technique of the products continuously, and developed series products such as high resolution camera, monitor, distributor etc.
3He respects the market extremely, and often organizes staffs to investigate the market, than adjust marketing strategy according to the market feedback.


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